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Your location is one of your biggest assets: not just for the day-to-day running of a business but also for longer-term issues such as recruitment, social presence, brand awareness and as a sign of your commitment to the area. Would you see yourself as an employer of choice? How can you achieve that goal?

The benefits:

  • Recruitment – be the first port of call for school leavers and experienced employees in your area and attract the best
  • Promotion – by raising your profile, you'll spread the word to customers, clients and potential employees. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth - and how far it can travel
  • Reputation  –  become known as a reliable employer. Bad press sticks – but so does a good name. Make your reputation work for you
  • Social responsibility – you'll add value to your area not just in terms of employment rates. Make a difference.

How to make connections

  • Press, websites and radio – have you made contacts with your local media outlets? Do you have a story to tell that they’d be interested to hear? Local media organisations often have business sections. If you’re hiring or want to shout about your business, they can get the message out. You won’t necessarily have to go down the paid advertisement route.
  • Charities – could you help with any fund-raising activity? This doesn’t have to be a costly outlay. Maybe a local charity is organising a fun run? Why not get in touch and become one of the sponsors? You’ll raise money and your profile. And let’s not forget the feel-good factor.
  • Local Authority – by making connections with your council you’ll be in the loop when it comes to what’s happening at a local and national government level, including training, funding and recruitment opportunities.
  • Education – do your local schools and colleges run mentoring schemes? Would you be prepared to do talks about your sector, or offer a work placement or internship? When it comes to future recruitment, go to the source and identify potential talent at an early stage.
  • Business networks – you can learn a lot from your peers and local business networks are a good source of mutual support when it comes to weathering economic downturns, boosting morale, solving common problems or even celebrating individual successes. Local businesses know the challenges you face. Make use of that knowledge.