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Develop your workforce to manage change

The recession has made businesses more flexible and responsive, which means employees often have to be more adaptable and have more skills than ever before. The best people in your company are also the most attractive to others. We support you to develop and retain your workforce to meet ongoing change.

Think long-term. Be your own crystal ball.

If you don't have a succession plan in place, we 'd suggest doing this as soon as possible as it is a long-term issue.

In addition, the number of people due to retire in the next few years is a huge consideration.

We can support you with longer-term strategic planning and steer you in the right direction to invest in young people. We'll help you recruit the right people with the right skills to maintain and grow your business.

Ways to move forward after change

  • Redundancy is a bleak time for employees and employers but if possible also try to view it as an opportunity to look at how to redevelop and take a fresh look at your workforce.
  • We can offer you expert help if you're having to let people go through PACE.
  • There are other ways to grow and support your business after you've had to downsize such as tapping into young talent through apprenticeships, internships and work placements.
  • Help your business stay on course in the future by anticipating the challenges or needs it may face.
  • Grow talent from within your workforce to make sure they are ready to progress when the opportunities arise.
  • By nurturing new skills in your existing staff and moving them to promoted posts, you'll open up opportunities for entry level positions.